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Coimbra, 1965. Amadeu Vilaça is a great notability character in the city. Outstanding student and now, University professor, is distinguished by its 3 degrees. Brilliance and inteligence above average are the envy at the academy. Alongside the University, Amadeu spends much of his time in the cafes and taverns. It’s in the long hours spent here that he concludes the reason of his solitary life. Amadeu Vilaça doesn’t know anyone as smart as him.

Determined to find this person, he begins to plan Project 22. Eloquent and persuasive starts to gather in his house, friends and colleagues. Later all his pupils. In one hour sessions, launches riddles and puzzles that challenge the intelligence and insight of all the present. In the end, the result is always the same. All leave the house unable to solve the enigmas and Amadeu Vilaça, frustrated, continues without achieving his goal. The curiosity around these gatherings increases. Everyone wants to participate in professor’s games. It’s an in and out every day from 22, D Street of Marechal Carmona Neighbourhood.

One day something strange happens. Amadeu Vilaça disapears. It’s known his love for travelling, but a few years have passed and nothing. Has he runaway? Has he finally found what he was looking for? Has he?… Until today nothing is known about this case. In the house where once Amadeu lived are some clues. Does it indicates his current location? Or something more sinister? Many have tried to unblock these puzzles, but all have failed. Do you accept the challenge? You have an hour.